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​We prepare international students for career success in Canada 

Our Process Works

We understand how challenging the job search process in Canada can be - Especially for international students & alumni.


That's why our community of former international students and career professionals have worked together to develop a process that works to help you successfully showcase your skills and experiences in the Canadian job market.



We have combined all of our services & events into 4 convenient packages so that you can choose the right plan of action that best suits your goals.

Free - Express - Pro - VIP

We cover every stage of the job search process (planning, preparation, and action) via our Get Hired! Masterclass video modules, live events, 1:1 support, and more.


Our exclusive members-only Facebook community is the place to go to feel less alone and network with your peers. We also host live 'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) career sessions as well as Immigration Q&As with our trusted Canadian Lawyers.


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Live Teaching

Hiring Expos

Devant is proud to host 'Get Hired at Home': A FREE virtual career development expo for international students & alumni. Attend online workshops to boost your employability. Then, access 50+ job opportunities and network with 25+ employers live at their virtual booths.


Meet Our Team

With over 60 + years of higher education and career development experience, our team is ready to support your job search needs across Canada.

Rod Skinkle



Denis Gravelle

Stakeholder Engagement

& Content Development

Sejal Ahir

Operations & Client

Experience Manager

Kate Johnson

Michelle Slywka

1:1 Services & Career

Coaching Specialist

Meet Our Experts

A big shout out to our community of facilitators, HR professionals, and industry leaders who provide key learnings to help keep Devant going. 

Zohra Lakhani



Lynda Jackson

Senior Human

Resources Leader

Syeda Kabir

Devant Facilitator

& HR Professional

Aahna Singh

Vendor Management


Belinda Schuler

Professor of Human Resources

Tatiana Lazareva

Supply Chain

Recruitment Consultant

Yauhan Mehta

HR & Change

Management, Deloitte

Ziah Sumar

Canadian Immigration


Katerina Petrovska

Human Resource


Keelin Stechey

Youth Program Facilitator + Employment Advisor

Josh Schachnow

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Mahisha Ratna

Talent Acquisition

Specialist, Healthcare


Who We've Worked With

We are always looking for new opportunities to help international students.

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