Live Workshop Bundle

4 x Action-packed Live Webinars delivered by

some of Canada's top career experts

1.  Job Posting Analysis  (1 hour)

Carefully reviewing the company's job posting will allow you to write a persuasive cover letter and tailor your resume and skills to the job requirements. Scrutinizing a job posting will save you time and give you more confidence for the interview.

2.  Industry & Employer Research  (1 hour)

Taking time to research the company that you are interested in helps ensure you are ready for the interview. Not only will this increase your chances of getting hired, but it can also help you to decide whether the company will be a good cultural fit for you. Your research also shows the interviewer that you've made the effort to learn about the company before your interview. 

3.  LinkedIn Tips  (1 hour)

Join this interactive workshop to learn more about how to stand out on LinkedIn and how to tailor your profile to the jobs that you want to really boost your job search reach.

4.  Interview Skills  (1 hour)

Ace your next interview by learning strategies and tips to make your next employer interaction a success. Join our career coach to learn about the interviewing process in 2021.

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